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Thanks to the miracle of the internet, I recently received an email from Ed Murfin, whose aim is to connect all the Murfins in the world. I came to be a Murfin in a very interesting way - see here

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                                                                                    Jacksonville, FL 32244-5481  U.S.A.

                                                                                    Phone: 904-573-8686

                                                                                    August 6, 2008

Dear “Cousin”:

            My name is Ed Murfin (Charles Edward, Jr., actually) and I have been a Floridian for 56 of my almost 73  years, with 50 of those being a Florida United Methodist Church clergyman.  I am now retired and have time to pursue my life-long dream of researching my families’ genealogical roots, and particularly trying to connect all the Murfin families. My late brother, James V. Murfin, Civil War Historian and National Park Service Coordinator, had begun this project a number of years ago.   My parents, Charlie and Leona Garman Murfin, and I moved to Orlando, FL, from Hagerstown, MD, in 1952.  I graduated from Edgewater High School there the following year and earned my college degree at Florida Southern College at Lakeland, and my Master of Divinity degree at Emory University in Atlanta.  My bride of  52 years, Bev, and I have two sons.  Our younger son, Jeff, 39, is married to Mellisa who has a 15 year old daughter, Kaley, and their first child, Lenna McKenzie, is four.  He works as a computer systems administrator for the Y.M.C.A., and she is a Physician’s Assistant and Pharmacist working in a doctor’s office in Sarasota, FL, and is an editor of a medical journal, where they live, about 240 miles southwest of us.  Our older son, Scott, 46, whose wife is Cathy, has given us two grandchildren, Tim, 26, and Leona, 17, and lives about 100 miles west of us in Madison, FL, where he is in the electronics repair business and an emergency technician and she is an auditor for businesses in the surrounding area.  Tim now lives in Jacksonville, near us.  He and Jessica, recent Florida State University graduates, married in May of ‘06.  He is a Target Stores Loss Prevention Manager and she is a marketing director for Winn-Dixie Grocery Stores.  Leona just gave birth to our first great-grandchild, Ilayna Elizabeth Murfin, “Ellie,”  in December.

             If you “Google” the name “Murfin” you will be amazed at the number of hits.  You’ll find my brother and me and another Ed in England and Ross and Bryan and a bunch of others.  Have fund.

            My Murfin family’s roots are in Mifflin County , PA (specifically, McVeytown).  We trace back through my grandfather William Calvin Murfin, his father Samuel and his grandfather Samuel J. Murfin (who was born in Muggington, Derbyshire, England in 1802 and died in McVeytown in 1875).  Samuel J. had a brother Thomas who was born in Derbyshire, England, 1796, died in IA (buried in IL) in 1875. Recent DNA testing on descendants of these two lends credence to this idea (report says “99.9% sure the two sides of the family are directly related.”). Their syblings: John, Sarah, William, Joseph, Jervis, and John, all stayed in England, to my knowledge.  Their father, my 3Xgreat grandfather Samuel, was born about 1775 and died about 1811, in Hollington, England. His syblings were John, Hannah, Thomas, Elizabeth, William, and Joseph.  My 4Xgreat grandfather was John Murfin, born about 1743 in Ashbourne, Derbyshire, died about 1807..   I have traced many which are connected into Samuel and Thomas’s  lines, mostly in PA, MD, IN, IL, & OH.  Another large Murfin family I have researched are the descendants of Robert and Ann Murfin who came from the same area in England, to Burlington, NJ in 1678, and migrated to IL and IN and elsewhere.  I imagine that most of the other Murfin lines in America are related to one of these, and we may all be from the same line, but I haven’t proven that yet.   Now - I’ve told you some about me, so it’s your turn to tell me something about you and your family.

             I have been researching many major Murfin family trees steadily for over twelve years, and have collected much information on them.  I have 51 active Murfin trees right now (though I am in process of combining 3 of them), and more are in the works.   I’m doing this for the enjoyment of it,  NOT TO SELL BOOKS, and for my and your great grandkids  (besides, I have much more information than those high-priced books have for which you get ads in the mail ). I am willing to share this material via Email or printed hard copies.  Perhaps one of these families I’ve researched already is yours.  I would love for you to let me know for sure, and send me some of your family background information to fit in.  Be as detailed as you are willing to be -- it makes the resulting work much more valuable for our descendants when there are full names and dates, places, and even some tidbits about some of the people.  I hope that you will contact other Murfin families you know and get their ancestry lines for me, as well..  I am gradually weaning this list down, but I have yet to have a contact with many on the list.  I have written to many of them and talked to many by phone.  My apologies if I have already sent you this letter or if you and some of your family have been in touch with me.  I have tried to compare the lists carefully, but there are some discrepancies among names and addresses and I was not sure if some were the same persons.  Let me know where we stand on this in reference to your family, please.  If you have moved, let me know your new address.  I haved moved myself, July, 2006, to a new rental home.

  I am still working on a huge list of Murfin surnames, mostly in England, on my exhaustive worldwide database resulting from all kinds of searching through books of history, LDS Church Family History Center files, letters, cemetery records, church records, census records, Social Security records, the World Family Tree project, computerized phone books, and other computer generated programs.  Every so often my computer hooks up another family that had no idea they were related.  It did four times in the last year.  I found some lost direct cousins of mine last year.  I was even helpful in assisting an adopted Murfin in uniting with her birth parents recently.  I often correspond with and talk to Murfin people in England and Canada.  I am a member of The Southern Genealogist’s Exchange Society (

                 I do hope that you will let me know in the near future any information that you have that will help the Murfin clan to become more united.  I am conducting  a  “Murfin One-Name Study,” and I am on the track of every Murfin living today, at least in the U.S., Canada, Australia, South Africa, and the UK.  I really believe we’re all cousins, even if some spell the name Murffin, Murphin, Murphines, Murfyn, Merfin, Mirfin, Murfine, or whatever.  I understand it could even originate in the Welsh Merlin or Merefinn or the Old Norse Morafinner, or even Marven or Marvin or Mervyn, Merefinnes, Mervinnus, or even Dolphin, Turpin or Halpin. I plan to leave no stone unturned in this quest.  Hopefully I will outlive the project.  If there is a known family history buff in your family and you want to send a copy of this letter to him or her, that’s fine,. but have them mention your name when they correspond with me, so I can keep track of responses to this letter.  I will anxiously look forward to hearing from you in one way or another sometime soon.  

 Should you want to contact me by Email over the internet (it’s cheaper) my address is:     I have also set up a website for the Surfin' Murfins.  It is not always up to date because selling my home and moving twice and health have disrupted my genealogy work over the past four years, and my other work with the Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation  (See my Web site:  and church (  

                                                               Sincerely yours,


                                                              Ed Murfin


Remember....   To know one’s heritage is to know oneself.  Each of us is a repository of what Carl Jung called “racial memories”, those customs, habits, thoughts, practices, and genetic factors that have been handed down the family line for generations.  To know one’s ancestors . . . who lived what we call history . . . is to know and understand . . . in microcosm, the macrocosm of history.






1. My Samuel Murfin (1775-1860 in England) family, whose sons I believe came to Philadelphia, 1830 to 1846, settling in central PA , with some  later going west, to IL via Thomas (1796-1875) (wife Sarah), and his son George (wife Sidney Ann Henderson).  George’s son was George Heber Murfin and his grandson is Robert Hankins Murfin (whom I know very well, in Florida).   My 2Xgreat grandfather, Samuel J., (1802-1875) (brother to Thomas) chose to stay in the McVeytown, Mifflin Co., PA  area to raise his family. My grandfather, William Calvin,  was Samuel J.’s son.   (Some assumptions are being made about the connections of Thomas and Samuel J., with little solid evidence - could be 2 families here.  However, recent DNA testing on descendants of both sides give a 99.9% assurance that this assumption is correct.  There is also conflicting information on Samuel H. being the father of Cinderella Murfin.) 

2.Robert & Ann Lee Murfin, from Eaton, Nottinghamshire, England, arriving in Burlington, NJ, on the ship, THE SHIELD OF STOCKTON, in 1678.  Two sisters of  Robert’s,  Katherine Murfin, and Ann Murfin Pharo (with husband James and children), were with them.  A John Murfin, possibly a brother, preceded them in 1672.  All settled in NJ.  The tree includes many Christian ministers and missionaries, an Admiral Gould Murfin who was at Pearl Harbour and led the search for Amelia Earhart, his grandmother Ruby with Mayflower ancestry connections, a Jane who was a playwright and stage/movie star and owned the original canine movie star, Strongheart,  Some other names: Henry Clay, 1852, Portsmouth, OH;  Charles Everett, 1906-1962, Summersville, MO;  Joseph Laurie, 1789-1863, NJ to IN;  Judge James Orin, in Detroit;  Almond H., 1867-1926, Hancock County, OH?;  Walter Henry from SleepyEye, MN and siblings born to Thomas Jefferson Murfin; Wm. Riley, 1869-1941, Pendleton, IN;  missionaries Horace (1899-1983) & Ida , in IN to Brazil;  missionaries Reuben & Mary Ann Murfin Anderson; Dr. Mark, ret. Prof. Univ. Miami, FL, who recently died in Rogers, AR, his 2 sons, one of whom was named Provost & Vice Pres. Of SMU; surgeons Walter W. died in IL, Maurice D. ret. in IL, Wesley W. in NC; and  newspaperpersons Gary Dean and Cheryl Jo in WA ;  Onley Eldie & Nellie Edwards Murfin, sons Bill Thomas, Ralph & Orvel; and  many others.  I know personally many members of this branch of the Murfin tree. I recently joined this family with William & Mary West Murfin, 1700’s in Highland County, OH; son Eli, 1806-1876, OH to CO, IA, KS.  Eli’s children: Amanda, James, Nancy, Mary Anne, Emma, Alice, Benton, Martha, William, Laura, Lewis, Nora, Cora.  His siblings:  Julia, West, Malinda, Elen, Naomi, Mehalie. This William could actually be a Murphin family - looking into this. (Murphin Ridge Inn on Murphin Ridge Rd., West Union, OH, has been referred to as a possible connection here.)

3.John Murfin, born in England, with relatives John as Auditor of the Exchequer (died 1471) and Thomas as Sheriff of London, 1511 and Lord Mayor, 1518.  Great grandson, Eric James, 1904, Lincoln, Eng.-1982, Solana Beach, CA;   grgrson Christopher Edwin (1892, Lincoln, Eng.) came to U.S. 7/5/1923 via Detroit, then to CA;  another grgrson Frederic Bardell (1898, Lincoln-1982) lived in England, California, and Australia.  Source family: Eric James Murfin’s granddaughter Denise Elaine Murfin Musil, Kansas City, MO.  There’s a lot of missing information on this line. 

4. Thomas (died 1870) & Kathaline (Mary?) Leach Murfin, references to Hamilton Co., OH, Mercer Co., IL and  LA, and OR; sons Joseph Lawrie or Laurie, Thomas J., John H., grandson William James and his son Jess Willard; descendants in NE (Larry Dean and Charles Washington, 1871-1961) in IL (Dennis in Crete), CO, IA, MO (Lee E. & twin Anna Lee), OK, WA, WY.  Sources: Grace Murfin McConnell, Alfred T. Murfin, Lee and Ray Murfin, MargaretLynn Murfin, Karl Beckman, Sherry Rosen ( This family probably fits in Family #2, if we could find Thomas’ siblings or parents.  (see #38 and #41)

5.  Almond David and Ida Bell Beeler Murfin in IN; sons Charles Albert, IN & NM, and Elmer “Duff”, Anderson, Charles Arthur in Albuquerque, NM (the source of this info, and whom I knew).  Very few details here.  Combined with  David A. & Delores A. Murfin line (in 2003)

6.  William and Mary Tompkins line from UK to Australia.

7.  Frank & Belle Roberts Murfin, mid 1800’s in Burlington MI; sons: G.W. (wife Orrill, 1 daughter), Clarence (unmarried), Floyd (wife Della, 2 sons, 2 dau.), Jess (2 sons Kenneth & Keith).  Info source: Orrill (now near 100) and grandson Randy Lee Coller, Jackson, MI.;  Floyd Murfin, son Robert in Portage, MI; son William in Ft. Walton Beach, FL;  grandchildren in MI and FL.  

8.  Thomas & Sarah Murfin, early 1800’s in OH, son Henry H. (OH to NE), gr’sons Charles & Wm.,  gr/gr’sons Howard, Benjamin Franklin (NE) and Paul (NY), gr/gr/gr’son Jack (NC).


9.    Thomas in England, son George & wife Edith Nixon Murfin, in England, gr’son Leslie born in England 1920, immigrated Canada1952, then NY.   Gr.Gr’son Leslie Graham Murfin (NY).  Few details so far.

10.  Descendants of Pharoah & Fanny Bentley Murfin, Upwood England:  Albert Frank & Erika Murfin, in Victoria, & Ada Dora in Queensland, Australia.  Pharoah’s father was Samuel. Source: Albert F. Murfin, Bendigo, Australia.

11.The Rev. J. Arthur Murfin, Port Huron, MI, (deceased) his brothers Edward in London, Ontario, Canada,  Ralph in Etobicoke, Ontario, Basil in CA,  are children of Basil Joseph Murfin, born 1890 in Bradly, Derbyshire England and died in London, Ontario.  Basil had 5 children by each of 2 wives for a total of 10.  Arthur had 7 sons.

12. Christopher Edward Murfin from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England lived in Germany and in Brussells, Belgium, and now lives in Sioux Falls, SD, will get me his family line when he gets unpacked.  I believe his father and grandfather’s names are both Charles, in Leek, Staffordshire. I must have 600 UK Murfin family addresses to explore (hopefully others will lead me on here).    

13. Eric Murfin lives in Ripley, Derbyshire now and has family history info to send to me soon..  His nephew Tony ,        wife and son, immigrated to Corpus Christi, TX, in 1989, from Nottinghamshire, England.

14.Mike Murfin lives in Australia, was born in Ripley, Derbyshire, England, father is Arthur, gr’father, Frank (who had 9 children).  His Aunt Mary in Ripley and her niece Thelma in Swindon Wilts are corresponding with me, as well as Mary’s brother in South Africa (where I have a list of 20 Murfin families) - a university College student in London studying Chemistry with Management Studies.

15.  Mary Murfin (or Murphin) b. 1740 in Wranker(?), Yorkshire, England, married a William Thompson, 1764.  Her parents:Thomas, b. 1694 in Moss, Yorkshire, & Ann Emerson.  Her siblings: Ann, John, Thomas, Betty.  All geographical references near Doncaster, Yorkshire.  Her grandfather was also a Thomas Murfin.

16. John Murfin of Bradley b. 1742-3, perhaps father of William, father of George, father of Charles Murfin, Leek, Staffordshire, England, son: Frederick Anthony or Arthur, son Graham now lives in near Newcastle in Northumberland, supplying information back to at least 18th century, with possibilities back to 14th century. His sons: Christopher Graham, Richard Paul, & Gareth.

17. Samuel Murfin family in Kansas through William Stickle Murfin and his sons Samuel Elmer Murfin,              1911-1983, Stroud,OK;  William, Cecil, Fred, and their 3 half-sisters.  Samuel Elmer’s Sons: Harold (TX), Rev. Jerry Don Murfin (Stroud, OK). There’s a possible connection to my Samuel Murfin line.

18.   Godfrey Murfin, England (ca.1850-?).  Two sons: Godfrey (last known to be in Pittsburgh, PA) &  Horace Archibald (d.o.b. 1879).  Horace’s son Horace Norman migrated to S. Africa in 1949.  Norman’s son Timothy N., born 1940 in UK, migrated to S. Africa in 1947, then Kenya & Uganda, now in Queensland, Australia. 

19. John Murfin’s son William and his wife Mary Tomkins Murfin and 3 daughters  of Barford,Bedfordshire, England, arrived on ship Parsee in Australia on Jan.,1853.  Children:  Sophia, Mary Ann, Naomi, Sarah Ann, Thomas, Amelia, Elizabeth, Emily, William Jr., Albert, Fanny, John.  Wm. Jr.’s children: Anetta, Reginald, Cyril, Harold, Henry, Blanch, Leslie.  Harold Wilfred’s children: Lillian Elsie and Clifford Ernest who live in Australia today.  Clifford’s children: Christine, Beverley, Laurence .  (I have a list of 33 Murfin families in Australia.)

20.   Leslie Murfin born in Lankishire,  Sons: Dr. Wally Murfin and Dr. David Edward Murfin who has children: Rhian (female), and Owen David - a university College student in London studying Chemistry with Management Studies.

21.   John Eric Murfin lived in Heanor, Derbyshire, 4 mi. from Ripley. Wife, Barbara still living. Children: Darren and Denise.  Eric’s father was Dennis Murfin whose wife was Mable.  Dennis’s brother Cyrill and wife Winifred and son Andrew live in Derby. Eric’s brother Edwin and wife May and children Jody, Sarah & Emma live in Eastwood, Nottinghamshire.

22.John and Rebecca Sammonds Murfin, probably Cambridge, England, about 1800.  Greatgrandson John James Murfin moved from England  to Texas in early 1900’s.  2Xgreatgrandson John Hugh was born in MI and died in TX.  Info from John Hugh’s wife and Sean Coletti in Utah.

23.Henry Mirfin, born in Wales, Yorkshire, England,descendants in Canada.

24.William Murfin & Elizabeth Land. Daughters Mary & Eliza b. 1846, Turnditch, Derby, England, moved to Ashtabula, Ohio, 1887.

25.Michael Murfin (from England, now in Germany), grandparent: Arthur (1915-1976) in Ingleton, Yorkshire.

26.George Murfin, 1834, Brailsford, Derbyshire, six generations of material.  Source: Dennis J. Murfin, Chesterfield, Derbyshire.

27.Hannah Murfin, b. 1808 in Mass.,  m. Orison Collis, Scioto Co., OH, 1827, died in Madison Co.,IN, March, 1860.  Children:James,Joseph,George,Orison,Lois,Uriah,Lydia, Matilda, Hannah, Francis,Alfred.  Looking for Hannah’s Murfin family. 

28.  William Murfin (c.1732) thru Joseph Murfin (1760, England) m. Jane Dentin, daughter Anne m George Burwell, Yorkshire, 1802.  Looking for more on this line. Sources: Eileen Morgan Jacqueline Archibald, and Jane in Ontario.

29.   Joseph & Sarah Day Murfin thru son, James (1848) and Eunice Avery Huckle Murfin, Eaton Socon, Bedfordshire, England. Source: Sharon Hawkins   and Fay Hicks   Part of this line moves to Australia in 1980’s and to Canada

30.   William Murfin thru son, Samuel, 1782 in Muggington, Derbyshire, England.  I have 6 generations here. Line moved to USA abt. 1900.  Source:  Don Harrison, Rochell, Illinois, now in Germany, and Eileen Morgan.

31.   Harry & Sarah Dean Murfin starting in England, moving to Ontario, Canada, where he died in 1922.  Continues thru son William Dean thru 4 generations to present day in Ontario.  Sources:  David J. Murfin and sister, Marion Murfin Allen in Ontario.

32.   Charles & Jemima Coxon Murfin,  Burton on Trent, moved to Saskatchewan, Canada abt. 1909.  Source:

Leonard Murfin, eldest grandson, Calgary.  Charles’ sister is Mary Murfin whose granddaughter, Cynthia Whyle, has corresponded on this line also.   It goes back three generations to George & Caroline Murfin in Staffordshire, England (b. 1834 & 1838).

33.   Ronald, Nellie, George Murfin, Derbyshire England.  3 generations.  Source: Phil & Kath Murfin, Derbyshire.  I have to admit that I have lost the info on this family line and can’t reach them.  

34.   Ann Murfin Tingey and father William Murfin in Bedfordshire 1740-1806.  Source: Sean Coletti in Utah.

35.   William Murfin or Murphin in county of York, England, m. Lucy Harper, dau. Rose Hannah b. 1871.   Source:  Val Winthrope.

36.   Arthur & Charlotte Hall Murfin, Leeds, UK to Australia in 1913.  Source:  Annete Murfin Woodman, grandaughter.

37.   Thomas Murfin, dau. Alice Murfin m. Andrew Judd (1492-1558, London).  Source:  Jody Goad.

38.   Walter Murfin, Iowa to Spokane WA, to SanMateo CA 1961.  Source: Walter Lloyd Murfin in Beaverton, OR.  Absorbed into Thomas & Kathleen Leach Murfin line through his grandfather Walter and grt, George Washington Murfin. (see 41 and 4)

39.   Sukey Murfin, 1882; Ripley & Pentrich & Skeglig, England; parents Joseph (b.1842) & Mary.  Source: Sue Willey

40.   Charles & Louise Wagenknect Murfin, son John Marion, 1910, Emden, IL. Source: Cathy Rider 

41.   John S. Murfin.  Similar to John H. Murfin line in Thomas & Kathleen Leach Murfin line (#4), but many differences.  Source:  Tena Orr    Connected to Walter Murfin line (38).

42.   Ernest Murfin, b. 1889, Ripley, Derbyshire, England, to Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 1916-18.  Source: Evelyn Murfin, adopted daughter, via friend Cassie Pritchard 

43.   Joseph William Murfin-Shaw, 1856-1929, Chesterfield,UK, married Rosetta Biggin.  Source: Valerie Thome 

44.   William Reginald Murfin, father of Reginald, father of Susan Rachel Murfin, Derby, England 

45.   Wilfred J. Murfin left Derby 1946 for Quebec, CA, was in coal business in Derby with family Ernie, Joe & John Murfin.  Source: Keith Murfin, son of WJ, Ontario  or .  Possible connection with #42?

46.   Paul Murfin, Akron, OH.  Father Leonard & Uncle James live in Derby.  Paul left Eng. 1989 for U.S.  Grandmother Lucy.  Source: Teresa Murfin 

47.   Robert Nigel Murfin (source) from Belper, Derbyshire, UK. Father is Robert in Sandicare, near Nottingham.  Grandmother Lucy (#46?).   

48.   Gervase Murfin b. Mugginton, England 1841, m. Esther, sons William, gervase, Jesse, Lovisa, Edward.  Were at Allestree, Derbyshire, 1891.  Source: Frank Murfin

49.   Edward Murfin b. Ireland, moved to Birmingham, England, where he married Doris Lamb.  Son Peter lives in Birmingham.

50.   William Murfin married Hannah, lived in Ripley.  Includes Frederick Bedell Murfin, 1890-1982.  Many details missing.

51.   John, abt. 1830, and Elizabeth, son James abt. 1858, in Eaton Soco Bedfordshire.  Line eventually shows up in Canada: BC, SK.  Many details missing.

52.   I have a few others not listed here on which I am working now.




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 I’m also looking for the families of:

-James & Anna Murfin who are listed in the 1891 census on High Street in Great Barford, England, page 1, with Emma,25, Lizzie,21, & Lois,12.  He was 61 and she 53.

-Honor Murfin (b.1827,Bradley,Derby) & John Smith(b.1824, Ringay,Cheshire, d.1881,buried Crewe Cem.,Chester) m. 1849, St.Matthews,Manchester.

-John Murfin(47)(b. in Beggin)  & Mary(44) in 1881 census Wirksworth, Derbyshire, Sh28a Coinhouse Lane, Sholltle, with John,16, Samuel,12, Enos,10, Frank,7, Annie5, Mark,2.

-Arthur William Murfin & Emma, residents of Eaton Ford Community, UK, 1935, with Emma, Eunice Elizabeth, George.

-Catherine Murfin b.1943 IN d.8/26/1920.  m. John Davis, Scott Co.,IN, 4/2/1863, son John W. Davis 1866-1942.

-John Murfin b.4/18/1802 in Liverpool, England, d.May31,1858,Frankfort,IN, buried 6/1/1858 Washington Co., PA,or Cloud County,KS, shoemaker, lived in Frankfort,IN.   m. Permelia Sanders whose parents were Jeduthan & Phoebe Sanders. Ch: Phoebe, Permelia, Jedduthan, Elizabeth, Catherine, Sarah, Marion, William.  Said to have left a wife who died in England and 2 sons.

-These Murfins in Caneyville Cemetery, Chautauqua, KS, 7 mi. n. or Cedar Vale:  Jemima 3/26/1824-3/29/1904 widow of S.H.;  S.H. 11/25/1822-1/17/1915;  W.S. “father” 8/1/1858-9/8/1932;  Emma F. 8/20/1866-10/4/1896 widow of William;  infant son of WM. & EF 7/18/1895.  Is this Samuel H. & Jemima Copenhaver family?

-Fred Murfin b. 2/18/1919, El Dorado, KS, moved to Wichita.

-Thomas Murfin d. 2/6/1869, son Hezekiah d. same date?, buried Defiance City Cemetery,  Mary Murfin d. 1870/75;  Elizabeth Murfin

-John Murfin m. Elizabeth Dexter 1795 at Lboro 2  Australia?.  Daughter Ann m. Thomas Dewberry 1823.

-Andrew Murfin b. 11/26/1976, Doncaster, soccer player, height 5’10”.

-James Murfin (71) & Ann (63) dau. Emma Harper(35), Great Barford Census March 31, 1901, Bedfordshire,  page 1, 1 The Street, retired ag. Lab

-Jenny Murfin b.9/14/1954, m. Jeremy Wilfred Clampett in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, children: Julie, Donelle, Murray, Bridget.

-Francis Murfin, b.&d. So. Africa, m. John Wilson,  children: Guy, Gail, Boise.

-John Murfin d. 1962, Mary d. 1947, buried in churchyard, The Parish Church of St. John the Evangelist, Staincross, Barnsby, S.Yorks, England

-Paul & Juliette Murfin, christian Home Educator’s Network, Capetown, S. Africa.  Children: Kyla, Joanna.

-Richard Murfin b. Ohio 1857, laborer in 1880 census Union Twp, Sedgwick Co., Wichita, KS.

-John Murfin b. England 3/8/1829. m. Sarah James from Sheffield, in Manchester, 1849. Ch: Edwin J. (attorney in New York then Nebraska City in 1880’s), Lucy, Annie Mary, Ellen Ophelia, Alice.  Emigrated to US 1856 to NY City, traveling salesman 10 yrs, then to Portsmouth, Scioto Co. OH for 3 yrs then Nebraska 1869 in Plattsmouth, moved to Factoryville 1878.  Justice of Peace 1870-79, Notary Public 1879.

-James Murfin Pemberton, b. Dec. 9, 1855, Maysville, KY, died Aug. 21, 1936 of Arteriosclerosis in San Francisco, CA, listed in Adams Co. OH obits.

-LCdr Lindsay Murfin, Alberta Division, Navy League of Canada, b. 10/22/1965, Calgary, Alberta.

-Grace Murfin, dau of Charles Murfin, farmer of Stafford Nottinghamshire, m. F.W.Davies Mgr.Nottinham City Water Dept. 1911-38.

-William Murfin, b. England, buried Crown Hill Cem. Jefferson Co., Colorado Nov. 10, 1839 (veteran).

-Frank Murfin, m. Beryl Stafford 1953, dau. Adrian.

-William James Murfin, m. Misti Dawn Brontner, son Tyler James Murfin.

-?Murfin m. Brenda Coffin abt. 1930, children Aileen & Bronwen

-David Murfin, m. Catherine Jane Archibald 1965, children Terry John & Rodney James.

-W.D. Murfin, b. abt 1835 in Ohio, appears in 1870 IL census, Marion County, with wife Emily, 42, and children: franklin 17, Wm 15, Chas 18, Ada or Ida 10, and Wesley 8.

-Alicia b. Murfin, b. July 1866 in IA




Still trying to locate these Florida Murfin families in their trees:


Agnes Murfin, 822 Lavon Dr., Pensacola, FL 32506

*Angela (Dawn?) Murfin, 490 Jillotus St., Merritt Island, FL 32952   321-449-0191

Billy Murfin, 926 Marnan Dr. NE., Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547

Bimini Murfin, Bradenton, FL 34207

Charles Murfin, 4715 48 St. W., Palma Sola, FL 34209

*Elizabeth Murfin, 1814 San Antonio Way, Rockledge, FL 32955    321-634-5113

Joe & Carol Murfin, 520 S. Collier Blvd., Marco Island, FL 34145

K.A. Murfin, 1715 NE 1 Ter., Cape Coral, FL 33909

M. Murfin, Clearwater, FL 33755

M.E. Murfin, 1997 Betty Lane N., Clearwater, FL 33755

Matt Murfin, 3170 NW 69 Ct., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309

Michael Murfin, 609 Siesta Key Cir at Tivoli, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

Ronald Murfin, 2000 NE 22 Ter., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305

Tracy Murfin, 6119 Bradshaw St., Pensacola, FL 32526  part of William (Billy) Murfin family above?  Agnes?

*Vicki Murfin, 385 Willow Dr., Satellite Beach, FL 32937     321-773-3720


And these in Georgia:


Dan and Dorothy, 3 honeysuckle Ln., Colbert, GA 30628,  706-742-8002  (Have talked with him, may have located him in family #4/38/41)

S.,  Funston, GA 31753,   229-941-5790

Tim & Karrie,  Dacula, GA 30019,   678-377-2025  (his father is Delford L. Murfin, in Anderson, IN)  (found that they are in process of moving to Nashville, but their son Kreston is a staff person at a large motel in Gainesville, GA) (family #2)


Ed Murfin  is a volunteer Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation
awareness leader, support group leader advisory board member,
and southern tier states Regional Liaison.  See
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